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Posted July 4, 2018 All Projects, Steel Structures

Beams for prefabricated concrete elements

Several truck loads of special beams were delivered to Sweden during February-May, 2018. Special because of welded armature bars on the outside surface. The beams were used in prefabricated concrete elements to build an apartment building Norra Tornen in Stockholm. See the visual information under the link: https://oscarproperties.com/projekt/norra-tornen/  

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Posted December 16, 2017 All Projects, Steel Structures

Power Plant (Sveg, Sweden)

We delivered near to 1300 tons of steel structures for power plant project in Sveg, Sweden during 2016-2017. Most of the structures were hot-dip galvanized. The scope of production also included walkways, gratings and handrails.

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Posted November 16, 2017 All Projects

Wind Turbine Mold

November 2017 we delivered wind turbine mold to Sweden. This set of molds, including platform with handrails was engineered @OZT SIA with idea to fit into one truck load. This will help our customer to move the molds from building site to building site when laying foundation for wind turbine.

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Posted October 23, 2017 All Projects, Steel Structures

Project Kiruna

Project in Kiruna, Sweden October 2017 we delivered steel structures for new building of Hörvalls Buss. The new building is 646 m2. Type of steel structure – two hinge structure. We are proud to participate in building Kiruna. Production volume – 24 tons Production and delivery of two hinge steel structures. Production time – 3 weeks

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Warehouse in Kristianstad

Posted September 28, 2017 All Projects, Steel Structures

Warehouse in Kristianstad 

Steel structures – 23 meter long trusses for warehouse project in Sweden were produced and delivered. Surface treatment – C3/C4 paint. Total amount of produced steel 342 tons. Execution time of production and delivery – 8 weeks.

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Posted September 27, 2017 All Projects

Foundation for truck weights

Foundation for truck weights was produced and delivered to customer in Sweden. For production used B class welding and Hardox welding. Total amount of produced steel 18 tons. Production time – 6 weeks.

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