Posted February 17, 2021 All Projects, Steel Structures

HSQ beams production

BCS produces steel HSQ beams of various types: elevated (bended in angle), reinforced with rebars inside, with perpendicular extensions, with holes for filling the concrete, with extra profiles on shelves, with studs or hooks for fitting the reinforced concrete. The welding process is being carried out manually or with 4 welding tractors. Full process inhouse […]

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Posted October 5, 2020 All Projects

Fuel station steel frames

In September 2020 Baltic Construction Solutions company managed new project in Southern Finland. Manufacturing of 2 steel frames for fuel station, delivery and frames assembling on site. Safe and accurate, but rapid work on site by our Assembling Team managed this project on time.          

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Posted November 15, 2019 All Projects

Lead wall construction in Minsk

One more new project from our partner .  Falkors Building Industry together with Falkors Climbing Solutions ( designed, manufactured and assembled rope and lead wall  for multifunctional sports center Dinamo in Minsk , Belarus for national team training process for olympic games and other international competitions. Project details: Location -Sports complex Dinamo, Minsk, Belarus […]

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Posted November 14, 2019 All Projects

Climbing and Lead Wall Construction in Vilnius

  Our long time partner company Falkors Building Industry ( ) and his subsidiary Falkors Climbing Solutions (   ) designed, manufactured , delivered and installed a climbing wall for the  one of the leading bouldering gyms in Vilnius, Lithuania. BCS delivered steel structures for this project. Project details: Architecture and design development- 3 month Production […]

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Posted July 9, 2019 All Projects

Storhaugen project in Tromsø

20 tons of columns and beams was delivered to the Storhaugen , Tromso most beautiful and majestic area,  where planned  a chain of modern homes with historical roots. The apartment villa was designed by Nils Mjaaland in Blå Arkitektur Landskap- one of Scandinavia’s most influential architectural firms . Main Contractor -Consto Nord AS. Source: […]

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Posted May 2, 2019 All Projects

Hot deep galvanized frames.

In April 2019 Baltic Construction Solutions manufactured and delivered 60 tons of HDG steel constructions to new customer in Western Finland. Max. dimensions of hot deep galvanized frames were L 11050*W 2320* H 1250.    

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Posted March 26, 2019 All Projects

Hospital in Goteborg

BCS delivered steel structures of interesting shape for entrance of hospital in Goteborg. Volume 36 tons. Deliveries completed in January, 2019. Surface C5-High painted.

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