Lead wall construction in Minsk

Posted November 15, 2019All Projects

Lead wall construction in Minsk

One more new project from our partner .  Falkors Building Industry together with Falkors Climbing Solutions ( http://www.climbingsolutions.lv) designed, manufactured and assembled rope and lead wall  for multifunctional sports center Dinamo in Minsk , Belarus for national team training process for olympic games and other international competitions.

Project details:

Location -Sports complex Dinamo, Minsk, Belarus

Architecture and design – 3 month

Assembly time- 2.5 month

Total area – 987 m2

Max height- 17.5 m

4 speed climbing routes

2 lead walls

Holds supplied by  XCult, Flathold, Cheeta, Euroholds, VirginGrip.


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